Sabtu, 26 September 2015

The real dream

Look man, ain't i care about my young-age dream no more. To be rich, having a good job, succed in this worldly life. To have a music studio, personal library, fancy house, to own a dream car, to have an athletic body, etcetera, etcetera. I ain't care no more, man. I have a new, much better dream.


That in this all my younger time, i was so blind that i though this worldly life is my main purpose, my only concern. I only busy about chasing worldly life, building my ladder to reach my 'ideal life standard'. That the hereafter, i can take care of it later. Yeah, later when i'm older. What do you expect? I am still young. There are still many thing i want to reach, i want buy, i want to enjoy. Isn't Allah the All-merciful? I will repent later when im old, i will take care my shalat later when im older, i will read quran and seek the thruth later. Right now, i'm too busy, man. To just attend shalat in mosque, i have no time. I have to work, collect all the money i can collect.


"The death is running towards you, and in the same time, this worldly life is running away leaving you. But the strage thing is, you run chasing something that running away from you, and not prepare to something that is running towards you? Isn't this insane? Isn't we should be much prepare to the thing that certainly will come to us, than to the thing that we will leave behind?"