Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

It's A Boy

As soon as I know that you were there, inside your mom's womb, i feel like i need to prepare everything to welcoming you. I'm panic, to be honest. This scared me for a while: I'm gonna be a father?

And then yesterday, when i see you through that usg-scan-thing monitor, i'm so happy. We're so happy. First the doctor said you are a girl, while hoovering her scan tools on your mom's belly to search something. And then, boom! The monitor show something little and the doctor point to that and told us "oh, it's a boy!" She found your little dick!

Haha! My boy, your first attempt to make us happy. You succeded to make us smile.

Well, my son, i hope i can be your very good parents. We will, with all our resources, to raise you as best as we can be. May Allah help us and always give strength to raise you up.

For now, my boy, grab some breath. Get rest for some more time. Not so long, my baby boy, we will meet. No need to worry, everything will run smooth, everything will be alright. انشا الله.

Till we meet my son.