Minggu, 31 Januari 2016

The Dunya

I went on a journey to vietnam, and i prepared for it in months, made sure i had my tickets, made sure i have my passport, made sure i had enough money with me, and then i went on the journey.

Today i've come to an internet cafe in my city, and what i did is i picked up my motorbike and i came. That was all that i need to prepare.

If i had prepare vice versa, just picked up something and jumped on the plane to vietnam, you would have thought, "this guy is crazy". If i had prepare for 2 weeks for my journey to internet cafe today, you would've said, "this guy got his priorities upside down, he is only going for a talk and his coming straight back".

Now let us ask ourselfs question: how long are we going to live in this dunya? and how long are we gonna live in the hereafter? we prepare for the dunya according to the amount of time that we going to live in this dunya, and we prepare for our journey in the hereafter according to the time that we are going to live in the hereafter.

Umar ibn khattab r.a once said: "i looked into the matter of the dunya, and i looked into the matter of hereafter, and i realise that if i engaged myself in the dunya, then that will be detrimental to my hereafter. and if i engaged to the hereafter i would have to give up some dunya. so i gave preference to that which is eternal, everlasting, over that which was temporal."

Like i would be a fool, to prepare for 2 weeks for this journey to cafe, we also foolish to make this dunya our purpose, and forget our eternal journey to Allah.

Upon occasion Umar r.a came into a gathering of prophet Muhammad SAW, and umar looked around the house of the messenger, and he only saw a few provision, and then the messenger sat up from his mat, and the mat left imprints on the back of prophet muhammad, and umar began to cry. and the prophet said, "o umar, what are you crying for?". and umar said, "o messenger of Allah, have you not seen what pomp and what glory the kaiser and the kisra live in, the persian and the roman empire live in? you are the greatest of creation". and when umar said this the prophet sat upright and said "o umar, have you ever not understood that my example for this worldly life is that of a person who takes shade under a tree and he moves on".

That's what believers are like. That we live in this dunya temporal, for a short period of time. but what happens, we make our dunya our purpose and forget the hereafter. have you ever been to graveyard and have you seen how long people live for? have you ever seen the tombstones? what do they say? 1945-1980, 1950-1990 etc. you will realise that these people have spent more time under the ground than above it. still, what happens? we get impress by the 'now', the dunya, by ourselves. Everything makes us think that we are something special, although we forget that Allah created us from dust, and until dust we will return. and how can dust become horty? how can you proud when you are a dust? how can become you proud when you are made out of a piece of sperm?

I seek refuge of Allah from the deceptions of this worldly life. To Him, we will make our eternal journey.