Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

Underrated Bellers

I was determined to play against Chelsea. I had to play. I needed to play to help with my grief, to do something to try to escape what had happened.
There was a minute’s applause for Speedo before the game.
I stood in the line with the rest of the Liverpool players. I felt okay.
The Liverpool fans started singing his name.
It was real to me then and I started crying.
I’m a man’s man. I’m not supposed to cry.
I didn’t like Chelsea fans. I didn’t want to cry in front of them. But I couldn’t help it.
The Chelsea supporters didn’t sing his name, but I don’t expect that.
They’re not my cup of tea. They’re not the type of fans I’d want to play for.
‘I’m going to play fucking well tonight,’ I thought.
And Chelsea couldn’t get near me. It was one of the best games I have ever played. We won 2-0 and I set up both goals.
The game was easy after the two days I had just had. It was a performance worthy of Speedo’s memory.
Kenny brought me off 10 minutes from the end and gave me the biggest hug when I got to the touchline, which is typical of him.
Then I sat down on the bench, put a coat over my head and cried.

Craig Bellamy's Autobiography, Tribute to Gary Speed

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